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Free To Air (FTA) Satellite Company


A great selection of radio & television channel logos and logos of satellite related entities.

A Satellite Primer

Want to know how do satellites work? The anatomy of a satellite? Launching satellites into orbit? Satellite history?..Etc.

Communications Calculators

Calculate clearance height/angle to an object.

DBS Forum

Your source for news, information and discussion on Direct Broadcast Satellite


Answers you any question about satellite equipment and signal reception,you can e-mail to Dr.Dish for assistance.


Official website of Digital Video Broadcasting,all DVB standards and technical information are available here.


Official website of European Telecommunications Standards Institute

Eutelsat Communication

Contains lots of technical documents about SMATV, DiSEqC and digital satellite signal reception

Explanation of Declination

Declination angle keeps satellite antenna from aiming into deep space and changes value with latitude in accordance to earth's curvature.

Geomagnetic Maps

Use this map to determine true azimuth by subtracting or adding to compass reading.

Geo-Orbit Quick Look

Global c/Ku satellite listings with footprints. An easy to use reference chart for satellite TV viewers and engineers

Lyngemark Satellite Address

Provide street, e-mail, telephone, fax and home page info for all satellite TV and radio channels in the world, plus satellite and package providers.

Uplink Station

The Worldwide Satellite Uplink information.



Lyngemark satellite chart

Offers detailed and up-to-date information about geostationary satellite and satellite programs.

Open TV

Official Open TV website,offers full information about Open TV system and related products.

Sat middle east chart

Offers up-to-date satellite programs in the middle east as well as technical information about pay TV operators

Satco DX satellite chart

Contains information satellite programs and categorized satellite chart in analog and digital part.

Satellite look Angle Calculator

Calculates the look angles to a satellite by popular satellites and locations..

Satellite look Angle Calculator by Zipcode

Calculates the look angles to a satellite by Zipcode and by latitude or longitude.

PanAmSat 21-satellite

A leading provider of global video and data broadcasting services via satellite. The company builds, owns and operates networks that deliver entertainment and information to cable television systems, TV broadcast affiliates, direct-to-home TV operators, Internet service providers, telecommunications companies and corporations.

Spacecom (AMOS-1)

Spacecom LTD is the exclusive marketer and service provider of AMOS-1 satellite services in Europe and in the Middle East.


Site similar to Lyngermark provider of Satchart Software

Loral Skynet

Home of Telstar family of satellites. Skynet has seven Telstar satellites operating in orbit that serve as premiere neighborhoods for a wide variety of applications, including television broadcasting, cable & direct to home, data transmission, Internet applications, video conferencing, and telephony.


INTELSAT is the world's foremost satellite communications company, connecting people and businesses everywhere, affordably and reliably.

World Television Stations

View world television live and on demand via the Internet. RealPlayer G2 Required.